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Rebecca Richards

Q&A: What happens when you list my home?

Rebecca Richards Realtor White House TNOnce you have chosen me to be your Realtor I will walk you through the steps the help you realize the goal of selling your home.

First, in order for me to be your designated agent to represent you we must both sign a listing agreement. This is a contract between me (the Realtor) and you (the seller). This listing agreement covers everything from the price you will be listing your home to the amount of time you want the listing agreement to last. It will also include many disclosures that outline my duties and professional limitations. Disclosures will also outline your rights as a seller and your duties as to performing under the listing agreement. This agreement will insure clear communication of our common goal: to sell your home.

Part of the listing agreement is the property disclosure. Many residential sales involve a property in which the seller still resides. In most cases, the seller will complete the property disclosure. This document will lead you through the process of disclosing the property’s current condition. Your Realtor can not legally fill this out. This document must be filled out by the homeowner to the best of their ability. In some cases a seller may be exempted from completing a property disclosure or elect to sell the property by disclaimer if the buyer waives the requirement of the property disclosure.

Once all the required documents have been completed, it will time to get down to the business of getting your home sold.

Most sellers at this point will have been preparing their home for market. This usually entails decluttering, deep cleaning and staging. Once it is looking its best it is time for photographs. I, or my photographer, will take LOTS of photos. We realize you might still be living in your home and it isn’t always picture-perfect so we may schedule multiple visits to get various rooms or take advantage of improved weather conditions or seasonal changes like flowers in bloom. Your effort toward staging the home will pay off in the appeal of the photos. Many prospective buyers will decide whether they want a tour of your home based on the photos I post online.

Once we have the pictures we can proceed with marketing your home.  Under most circumstances, all the cost of marketing your home is paid by me, regardless of whether your home sells. Each home is different and that means a different combination of marketing approaches to reach the specific type of buyer that might consider your home in their search. My years of experience and relationships with other Realtors in our region will also help in getting the word out about your unique home.

Our goals in selling your home are aligned.  We want it to sell in the shortest amount of time for the most money possible. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about my approach to listing and marketing homes.  I would welcome the opportunity to make a listing presentation as you decide who deserves your trust when selling your home.